twin oaks

Twin Oaks – Collapse

Twin Oaks is a Los Angeles-based duo formed by Lauren Brown (Vocals, Guitar) and Aaron Domingo (Guitar, Programming, Keys). Spending their early days as a bedroom folk act in 2011, Twin Oaks began as an acoustic outlet for Aaron before pitching his songs to Lauren to serve as backing vocalist.

Through the early demo recordings, Brown’s vocals began to better suit the songs and singing roles switched, allowing Domingo to focus primarily on instrumentation. The duo gained some local and UK attention from Amazing Radio with their title track from the self-released Not An Exit EP in November 2012 and quickly began work with long-time fellow musician Louis Bernal (guitar, keys) on their follow-up The Lion’s Den EP which released in January 2014. The EP’s lead single Find A Way was a hit among the band’s early fanbase and was featured on Amazing Radio’s Simon Raymonde radio show as well as a #1 spot on the Amazing Radio Top 40 for 3 weeks.

After a brief stint of local shows with the likes of local favorites AKW, Emma Ruth Rundle, and Highland Kites, Twin Oaks began to work as a 4-piece with Rhyan Riesgo to fill in for drums during the Summer of 2014. The band went into recording at the famous Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles and self-released the debut full-length White Noise on October 2015 with the lead single Animal, showcasing a much larger sound of ethereal electric guitars and energetic drums to accompany Brown’s delicate vocals.

During the Fall of 2016, the duo went back into recording at Aaron’s home studio east of Los Angeles and teamed up with Grammy Award-Winning engineer Cassidy Turbin (Beck, Bat for Lashes, Thurston Moore) to helm mixing and post-production duties for the upcoming Collapse EP. The Collapse EP releases June 2, 2017.