the lovely days

The Lovely Days – MORNINGTON

The Lovely Days released their latest track “MORNINGTON” is resonant of the 60s and 70s; not to recreate a golden age but purely to invent a new one, authentic and always in a groove with standout harmonies and passionate musicality. The band initially started out in their garage, but brothers Holden and Tennyson Nobel were only five and seven years old.

As soon as they got older, the Nobels formed The Lovely Days with Stephen Dickie (guitar) and Jackson McIvor on drums. Of “Mornington,” songwriter Tennyson says, “I wrote this after meeting a girl who just got back from a yoga/spa retreat down on the Mornington Peninsula and that started the song. Then it just became this nostalgic trip about growing up near beautiful places like ‘Newrybar’ and the ‘Byron Hills’ and being caught up in a teenage romance.”