BANNERS – Someone to You

BANNERS is clearly one of our favourites here at EUPH. considering how many of his releases we’ve covered. With each release, BANNERS shares more and more of himself with us, only convincing us further of his imminent worldwide musical domination.

“Someone to You” starts off with an infectious guitar melody and catchy beat; the moment he starts singing, you are instantly hooked. As the song progresses, it builds up to a boppy chorus that you’ll find yourself nodding along to. Timely enough, the song makes you want to cruise down the country with your windows open and welcome the heat of summer. “Someone to You” very simply captures the exact feeling of being in love. I am a firm believer that the best lyrics don’t require any big fancy wordplay. It uses a mix of simple words that when put together is able to strike a chord in you; and “Someone to You” is a perfect example.

Love songs are aplenty; overplayed on the radio and repetitive. A refreshing change from heart-wrenching break-up ballads and choruses snubbing ex-boyfriends, BANNERS has managed to find something about love we don’t hear about often enough. “Someone to You” accurately highlights the innate want to love and be loved within us with his lyrics “I really need somebody to call my own, I wanna be somebody to someone.” While the song seemingly comes from a low point, it manages to be empowering with its optimism. A perfect song to welcome the summer, the catchy tune speaks the thoughts of everyone and voices something we don’t usually think about but definitely are able to resonate with.

“When someone loves you, you feel like a rock star, like a hero. This song is about that, about wanting that and about making someone else feel that too,” says BANNERS about the track.

The track is the first single off his upcoming EP, due to release this summer. I see how “Someone to You” is a song to welcome the summer but it’s summer all-year round here in Singapore so hopefully that is worthy enough an excuse for me to be obnoxiously blasting the song aloud till his next release.