Ego Munk – Drones

Egomunk released their latest single and accompanying music video for “Drones.” The anonymous artist continues their musical journey remaining completely nameless, “a maker of music with no origin and no ego.” On the new track, they explain it was “inspired by what seems to be the inevitable takeover of technology over morality. Humanity under siege so to speak. The satellites seem to be monitoring us more than looking out to find a greater thing.”

The eccentric artist continues, “We were playing with hate idea for a while but it wasn’t until we met up with Jing, and she brought a beauty and depth to the track that made it feel like George Orwell had just stepped in to the room. Jinx helped it find its heart.”

“Drones” is taken from Egomunk’s forthcoming EP Part 1 Only, due out early summer 2017.