Wildera – The Only

One of our favorite new discoveries is Wildera. They met as teenagers growing up in Dallas and really got to know each other when they attended Berklee College of Music. They would later become bunkmates and perform songs in the dorms. While reconnecting after some years apart in LA, Rusty Redden and Loren Moore traded to build a band without the “politics of multiple members.”

Their latest release “The Only” was the first song the duo wrote together. They explained Rusty’s personal experience behind “The Only” saying, “Rusty moved to LA with his girlfriend and about halfway through living together realized it wasn’t going to work. It was around this time that the band’s early sessions started taking place so it was certainly weighing heavy. Asa way to channel the angst and confusion that came with coming home to someone who no longer loved or paid attention to you, [the] lyrics and attitude were born. Essentially, it had come down to him feeling as if ‘someone or something had died in the house and no one was acknowledging it.’”