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Oh Wonder – My Friends

In preparation for what’s been predicted to be a gloomy week in Toronto, I’ve been violently pressing repeat on Oh Wonder’s third single “My Friends.” A bit of a change of pace from their debut single and title track “Ultralife” this new tune digs into your skin and settles amongst the goose bumps that are sure to arise.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Josephine Van Der Gucht and Anthony West perform live and the radiance that seeps through their music completely translates.

Not only are the music and lyrics beautiful but the visual representation that accompanies them encapsulates the minimalist essence that is wholeheartedly Oh Wonder and most certainly comes across in “My Friends.” It’s a slow-build of a crescendo beginning with a simple piano and growing into what will become this stunning soundscape of violins intermingled with that same piano that has remained the foundation of the entire song.

The visual begins with a black and white extreme close up of the duo revealing only half of their faces and then proceeds to slowly pan out through the duration of the track.  As the intensity rises more of the pair is revealed and we see them singing passionately, directly at the camera as if to pour their hearts out to their friends watching, begging them to listen, to show them how much they are missed. Their lyrics match their fervor as they sing, “Oh my friends, I am heavy.  Can I beat within your heart? Can I bleed within your love? Oh my friends.”  After being on tour for over a year I can’t imagine the loneliness that can creep up being on the road for so long.

Oh Wonder’s sophomore album Ultralife will be out this June 16th followed by a number of exciting summer festival dates that you won’t want to miss.

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