Dagny – Wearing Nothing

She’s baaaaack! One of our favorite new artists, Dagny, is back with her new single “Wearing Nothing.” Since the release of her smashing debut “Backbeat,” Dagny has a been on fire with each and every one of her releases.

Her new single draws together funk-laced bass lines with explosive electronic-tinged percussion, paired with Dagny’s voice and her “eternal optimism,” it makes for a great song about empowering yourself and feeling confident. She says, “I’m constantly pushing myself to be more open, daring, and super true. I’m telling real stories. If I don’t believe it, then who will? The youthful optimism is there, because I constantly want to celebrate life.”

Going a little deeper into the track’s lyrics, Dagny says “[The song] plays on the idea of wanting to be naked with someone. You meet this person you really want to show everything to and be as close as possible to. You’re as bare with them as you can be — to the point where even a piece of clothing feels like too much space in between. You want them to see everything physically and mentally. When you’re an artist, it feels like you’re doing the same thing and showing something intimate and sharing a personal story.”

Check her out on her upcoming European tour this summer. You can see all the dates on her website here.