callum pitt

Callum Pitt – Least He’s Happy

Hailing from Newcastle, indie folk singer-songwriter Callum Pitt is one of the number of talented North-East artists making an impression on the thriving local scene. The likable Geordie troubadour’s last release “You’d Better Sell It While You Can” was an uplifting, warm take on the simplicity of acoustic pop that shimmered in opulent ambience.

His latest, titled “Least He’s Happy,” is out on the 19th May and takes a leaf from the very same book. rolling along on a joyous melody that saunters toward the blue skies of summer, the track is a colorful and catchy indie-folk tune. “You go your way, I’ll go mine” sings Pitt as the chords rise above the clouds and the track urges the listener to sing-a-long. There’s a tendency for folk-types to seek the more melancholic spaces of the genre these days, but Pitt’s songs are filled with uplifting sounds that strive for brighter pastures. With further releases imminent and a spot at Evolution Emerging (The North-East’s biggest festival for upcoming talent), the singer-songwriter is on course for big things.