get inuit

Get Inuit – Dingwalls

How the fuck does Jamie Glass of Get Inuit keep his glasses on his head?

On Thursday 25th May, Get Inuit played their largest show to date, making a ruckus of Camden’s Dingwalls. Thanks to the fantastic sound quality, we were shown the full capabilities of what this band can do, and we must say, it didn’t disappoint.

Fittingly. the stage was dimly lit with brooding reds and purples and billowing dry ice. Strobe lighting allowed Get Inuit to turn into a pit of writhing creatures on stage, particularly with heavier songs which included the incredible passion and drama that frontman Jamie always brings to a performance.

This really strikes you when you see Get Inuit perform “Electrify” live. For all their fantastic indie-pop-punk smashes, watching them play something more grungy and heavy is awesome fun. The band contorts and wriggles around the stage, they are all possessed by the same demon, and as usual, the frontman’s head looks like it could actually come off of his neck.

There were no sign of nerves, regardless of this being Get Inuit’s biggest gig yet. They dominated the stage with an almost nonchalant demeanour, and it was clear they knew their signature songs and how to play the crowd to them. “Cutie Pie, I’m Bloated” is a single that Get Inuit have had under their belt for years, so it’s extra special to see them perform it live with the same vigour, joining the crowd in enthusiasm.

At one point the tone gets more somber and the horrific Manchester attack is mentioned. Get Inuit are genuinely so grateful that people have turned up to still enjoy the music and gig atmosphere. Following a heartfelt message about Manchester, Get Inuit play one of their newest songs, “Heavy Thoughts,” “I don’t know what I want you guys to get out of this one really,” Jamie humbly says, and listening to the song, there is a twinge of melancholy linked with what happened in Manchester. Having said this, although not many people would have been familiar with the new song, it was incredibly well received. Get Inuit’s vocals ring out strong, with true emotion, as the crowd sways, hooked. This is a true feat, as a crowd’s attention can easily be lost with a new single or unknown b-side.

It is always wonderful to follow a band and watch them play bigger and better venues each time, and Get Inuit will certainly continue to impress and evolve. They are most definitely a must-see.