two door cinema club

Two Door Cinema Club – Lavender

Earlier this year Two Door Cinema Club played two sold out shows in a row at London beacon, Alexander Palace, in support of their last offering Gameshow. They recently released a live video from the occasion to accompany their latest single “Lavender.”

The Northern Irish trio fronted by Alex Trimble made a bombastic return last year following a longer break from music. Their third studio album, Gameshow, saw the boys take on a bolder, more confident outlook and illuminate their soundscape with a vaster variety of influences.

This string of new inputs certainly surfaces on single “Lavender.” The track embodies that distinct cut Two Door Cinema Club take on in their tunes, a coolness counterpointed with a vulnerability, yet it is broader than the guitar heavy landscape we’ve come to know from the trio. Trimble’s characteristic narrative is captured through an obscure pop sound, showcasing subtle twists from R&B in the concoction.

“Nothing quite like this ever has existed, but God knows how I miss it,” Alex sings, and through the bombastic proportions of Two Door Cinema Club’s live return, he might as well be talking about the all-consuming aspect of performing live music. The video furthers this exact message, exposing the moment where Two Door Cinema Club returns to the element that initially blasted them to stardom. It’s a fragile display of live music at it’s finest with all details preciously captured.

The visual aspect aligns perfectly with the tender chill vibes of the tune, and the complete symbiosis makes the video addition an extension of the single itself. This video will also almost certainly make your heart ace just a bit if you weren’t present at that Ally Pally show, but luckily, snippets are captured in immense detail for you to enjoy.