sir sly

Sir Sly – High

If you like the Growlers, or any type of electro grunge, you’re going to love Sir Sly’s new video for their single “High.” This video is a super fun portrayal of what this LA three piece is all about.

The track itself is great, it’s a funky lo-fi electro mix with a real classic indie feel. The breakdown of “it feels good to be up above the clouds” is just lead singer Landon talking and gives “High” a real laid-back, LA vibe.

The video is something else. It is a mind bending constant change of perspective. You enter the video through a TV in a wall that takes you to a podium where Landon is sitting and staring into a mirror. As the camera pans out, suddenly his two band members Jason and Hayden are seeing as holding the mirror and physically posing as a chair. This playfulness with angles and viewpoints is really interesting and thought-through.

There are moments when the band’s faces deform and lag, very subtly simulating a trip on drugs, as well as the lyrics describing what if feels like being high. Combine this with bright, pastel colours and superb outfits, this video is so fun and really puts Sir Sly on the map. And if all that doesn’t sell it to you, we can confirm this video contains three members of an indie band doing awesome dance routines. Dance routines. What more do you need?