Haim – Right Now

It’s Haim time! Haim are finally set to return, announcing their forthcoming sophomore Something To Tell You with new single “Right Now.”

The sister trio preview the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2013 debut, Days Are Gone, with meticulous “Right Now.” The track starts of slow, steadily building into the pop proportions that only Haim can capture. Though the track is a tad more stripped back this conveys a sense of maturity more than anything, the raw feel that surface through the track is a very welcome addition to Haim’s idiosyncratic soundscape. With a telling rhythm, almost staccato contrasted to the swooning lead vocals, the track craves a certain set attention. Stacked with unconventional turns and delicious surprises, such as sudden and violent guitar outburst or abrupt changes in the soundscape, ‘Right Now’ certainly was worth the wait.

The lyrical capability of Haim has never been questioned, and once again they show for their sense of combining simplistic sentences and repetition to evoke the perfect balance of recognizable and capturing. There is a raw honesty and a melancholy tangled in the lyrics and it’s proportionate delivery, and Danielle Haim’s enduring vocals illuminates just these emotional details in the words. Delving into an ecstatic climax of dual percussion and sparkly melodious tweaks, the tune swallows itself up, leaving you earning for more.

The video released along side the track was shot by Oscar-nominated  Paul Thomas Anderson, and shows the sisters jamming out the track in a live setting. Though not dominated but a piecing sense of narrative, the video sees Haim doing what they do best: having fun and playing music. The dialogue and the homely feel ads a very human touch to the visuals.

Haim’s sophomore album, Something To Tell You, has been long awaited, and is now set to finally be released July 7th through Polydor Records.