COIN – How Will You Know If You Never Try

COIN’s sophomore album, How Will You Know If You Never Try, has arrived, and man, is it good. The album has been a long time coming, seeing how lead single “Talk Too Much” was released almost a year ago. The long wait only lifted our expectations that much higher and I can safely say that the album has far exceeded anything I would have ever predicted.

While their debut self-titled album fit much more into the typical indie-pop sound, HWYKIYNT took on a more summer-rock approach. If I could sum up the entire album in a single word, it would be “addictive.” In the few days since its release, I have replayed tracks over and over again. The track list has songs suitable for every mood and while every song has its own unique sound, one thing remains constant: their

The album kicks off with “Don’t Cry, 2020.” Immediately, we are off to a good start. A song about the struggles of growing up, or old: “Don’t Cry, 2020” documents the feelings of growing older and worrying about the future as well as show off the sweet side of being a boyfriend. A cute, upbeat tune that immediately puts you into the mood.

The 80s vibe is strong throughout the album. In the subsequent tracks “I Don’t Wanna Dance,” “Boyfriend” and “Talk Too Much,” they start off with a prominent and infectious bass line, before launching into a catchy chorus.

“Hannah” is one of my favorites off the album. “Hannah is a girl I met in middle school and I thought she was so beautiful. She still lives in my hometown, and I saw her while writing this album. I thought it was crazy that she’s still there, stuck there. I wrote this tale about her, which I entirely think is NOT true, but it’s all based on Hannah in 7th grade,” said COIN lead singer, Chase Lawrence in an interview with Hollywood Life. Its verses are smooth but the moment it launches into the chorus, it instantly makes you want to jump around.

“Malibu 1992” is one of the more mellow ones off the record and ends it off on a soothing, reminiscent note. On a whole, the lyrics on the album successfully voice the thoughts of every modern-day young adult in various aspects: love, life and friendship.

Every single song on the album exudes fun. Through the heavy hitting topics some of the tracks are about to the happy, lighthearted tunes, you can tell from the songwriting the band has given their all in each song, creating a sound that anyone can uniquely identify as COIN.