Marsicians – Friends

After initially releasing “Friends,” Marsicians have made Hype Machine’s 10 Most Blogged Artists and appeared on several Spotify playlists, including Indie List and Hot New Bands. The band has also been featured on BBC1 and Radio X. Finally, the band has paired their high energy track that is getting all the buzz with a visually enticing music video.

The video for “Friends” was filmed while the band was on tour in France and the Netherlands. As a hearty guitar and perfectly layered vocal harmonies play, different time lapsed scenes of the band moving through beautiful French and Dutch landscapes, the four of them just hanging out and killing time on tour, or looking lively and animated while playing a gig.

It is nice to see that the Marsicians seem to be good friends who thoroughly enjoy what they do together, despite their lyrics delineating the paradox that sometimes comes with old friends. “I’ve been avoiding all their calls,’cause conversations feel like reruns I say I’ve heard it all, constant excuses are not any fun/Been building all these walls, without really being aware/The distances are small but I don’t have any more time to spare“.

Watch the video for “Friends” below: