Wyldest – The Poet

London three-piece Wyldest have unleashed their wistful new single “The Poet,” a tale of self-expression and the parameters that can sometime impede upon it.

“The Poet” is a bright display of the potential that can be found in dream-pop. During the mellow intro, a piercing guitar riff enters that dances through the speakers, adding just a bit of a psychedelic tinge to the song and creating a mystique that will carry on throughout.

It walks the fine line between lo-fi and alternative rock – the tempo has a calming effect, with the vocals coming in and out of focus in a way that brings it into a subtle, trance-like state. However, this is all supplemented with a constant motion between the drums, the bass line, and the starry pops of guitar.

As every small piece comes together, it is apparent that “The Poet” was masterfully produced, with a balance of sounds that delicately move around one another, guiding the song through every one of its segments, each connected but unique. The result from Wyldest is something rather unworldly, a song worthy of multiple listens to pick up on all the things that make it great.

“The Poet” marks what is sure to be a successful rest of the year for Wyldest. They have been hitting the London-are live scene, and have shown incredible potential thus far. While there is no indication yet of when more new music may arrive, we will be patiently waiting when it does.