DAUNT – Drive

In his latest single “Drive,” self-proclaimed slow-pop artist Daunt experiments with sound and voice alike to create a song that is dark, hazy, and at the same time, full of character.

The song stays calm and peaceful, as is the nature of the London-based singer’s specified genre. But, that’s not to say it must remain in the confines of something so abstract. “Drive” is special because of the subtle way in which it weaves different genres together while maintaining a carefully created sound. It infuses minimalistic instrumentation with an R&B-leaning foundation that makes it much more than simple slow-pop.

Despite its quiet and uncomplicated demeanor, “Drive” is built upon layers of vocals, distant sirens, and the steady beat of the drum. These intricacies reveal themselves through each subsequent listen, and reflect Daunt’s musical inspirations – he cites soul, funk, hip-hop, and the sounds of the 70s as just some of them.

Daunt’s airy vocals are part of what holds “Drive” together aesthetically. His words are meaningful but his tone remains somewhat distant, helping to ground the song and maintain leisurely pace. “I know what it’s like to drive yourself / to the wall,” he declares, in what is also a nice twist on the expectations that come with the title of the song itself. It is, in fact, decidedly not about cars or driving. The chorus is memorable as it is peaceful, and must be heard in order to get the full effect of those words.

“Drive” is the first single of Daunt’s upcoming EP Unbearable Light. It shows complexity, attention to detail, and a unique spirit. This places high expectations on the upcoming set of new songs, and there is very little doubt that Daunt will live up to every one of them.

Unbearable Light is set to be released on April 28th.