Darlia – Ballad of Black & White

Darlia are BACK and bigger than ever after their mini-album Petal, with their track “Ballad of Black & White.” This return from Nathan Day, joint with the producer Dan Lancaster, is a jaw breaking entrance back into the world of music.

This track explores the 90’s grunge depths in true Darlia style, but is also blended with tones of classic English britpop. It feels almost as if it’s standing alone on a mountain and kind of screaming into abyss. Nathan repeats the line “I’m ready”, as if to say, “I’m back, and you haven’t seen anything yet.” The pounding drums turns this track into a physical boxing match: Darlia vs. World. The title doesn’t lie, this is truly a ballad.

The strength of the stomping drums and roaring guitar, paired with the psychedelic break down of 90’s guitar and harmonies in the bridge makes “Ballad of Black & White” a 90’s revelation. Darlia’s addition of subtly pulsating strings and vocal echo’s makes this track a powerhouse, representing the kind of confidence Oasis carried around on their shoulders from the huge sideburns era. The chorus of “so rise like a feather, ’til it goes away” is a great summary of this track. This is Darlia rising from their past of “Petals,” bringing their a-game, as well as a ton of “unexpected spiciness” – as Nathan Day puts it himself, and is there anything you could want more than a classic bit of “spicy” rock and roll?