MisterWives – Machine

After enjoying the success of their debut album Our Own House, MisterWives have finally revealed the first taste of a follow-up with their triumphant new single “Machine.” New York-based indie-pop group have founded their music on strong statements, individuality, and empowerment. “Machine” is by no means a departure from this artistic statement.

The song is all about going against the grain and staying true to yourself. “I am tired of abiding by your rules,” lead singer Mandy Lee croons, eventually following up with a chant of “we’re not part of your machine.” The tone of the song is vibrant and colorful with a strong message, much like we have come to expect from the eclectic six-piece. In that regard, it isn’t anything new, but shows a continuation to the sound that MisterWives have found themselves committed to.

Among a simplistic beat and very few embellishments, “Machine” becomes very heavily focused on Lee’s fantastic words and even more fantastic vocals. Her voice has an incredibly unique and distinguishable tone quality that sets MisterWives apart from everyone else in the game.

“Machine” is a little bit feisty, and the carefully placed brass instruments that chime in add a bit of fun to it as well. The result is a spunky pop song that will linger in your mind, especially the chorus. It’s both defiant and playful (“Don’t dare tell me what I should and shouldn’t do”), a mood that the band has the impeccable ability to create.

MisterWives have been hard at work putting together their second full-length album, and “Machine” is an exciting look at what may be to come. If this is of any indication, their spirit and passion aren’t going anywhere.