Fyfe – Love You More

The ever-alluring Fyfe (Paul Dixon) has returned with “Love You More,” another taste of his recently completed sophomore album due to be released this summer.

Opening with a breezy piano melody, Fyfe’s familiar electronic tick and sampling kicks in to reveal the skittish body of the track and his sultry vocals swoon soulfully across the clinically smooth surface which can be attributed to Paul’s own attention to detail and clarity in production. “Love You More” serves as a personal, autobiographical reflection on both Fyfe’s own upbringing and the turbulent couple of years since releasing debut album Control back in 2015, acting as a kind of mouthpiece for “the voice of a parent documenting the changing relationship with a growing child. The conflicting desires to protect, but also to see them flourish. Sometimes the most loving thing is to let go.”

With the forthcoming album loosely following the concept of beginning in hospital and ending at a funeral, frequently exploring themes of life and mortality, Dixon has sought to thoughtfully transpose the unavoidable backdrop of the death of friends and family members (and the subsequent meditations of sorrow and joy) into his music. Although the same period has seen Fyfe also become an uncle three times while making the record, further fueling his notion of what it means to be alive.

As well as the album in summer, Fyfe headlines London’s Omeara on May 4th.