ARY – Childhood Dreams

“Childhood Dreams” by ARY is a pop track with a difference. The track is underlined with a throbbing bassline of synths, and a steady metronome beat. This allows ARY to explore her vocals and lay importance on the lyrics. The line “I’m running faster than before, beats and tunes and lovers cannot hold me back no more, I work alone” gives this track a sense of purpose and strength.

ARY is blessed with vocals that can travel and move in ranges so smoothly, in “Childhood Dreams” it almost acts like an instrument that creates the melody. Paired with the minimalistic backing, this track is a flowing river to the past. The chorus “and I remember all my childhood dreams, I find it hard to get them out of my mind” is the perfect balance of catchiness and melody. The same melody is hummed at the beginning and end of the track which plays on the idea of childhood and nursery rhymes.

This is a track that encapsulates the great side of pop music, the blends of synths and dance music such as techno, with light and sultry vocals, headed by an empowered female vocal. Listen to ARY to restore your faith in chart pop music.