photo: Ed Whitmarsh / EUPH.


We spoke to Blush ahead of our co-hosted gig night on January 13th at London’s Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. Check out our conversation below.

For those who haven’t heard you, what three words would you use to describe your music? And yourselves?
Brad: It’s kinda loud.
Ben: Those three words.
Scott: I’d say it’s: aggressive, yet — something that’s not aggressive.

Aggressive, yet, not?
Ben: Yeah, edgy. I like it.
Matt: Colorful, pop grunge.
Scott: Wow, that’s good.

How’d you get into music?
Brad: School of Rock, haha — that’s how I got into it!
Matt: Me and Ben went to some after school music club — edgy — and that’s how I met Ben. Ben was like “I’m starting a band, do you want to come and drum for us?” And it was him, and the others and we want the drumming to sound like all these ten other bands and I was like “oh yeah, yeah cool, I love them all” meanwhile I hadn’t a single clue who any one of them were.”

It’s crazy how many people get into bands by just completely lying. Like what they do, what instruments they can play.
Matt: But then, six months later, Ben was like “you weren’t telling the truth, were you? Cause you’re not drumming like that.”

What’s next for Blush? What can fans expect in the next few months?
Matt: We’re going on tour in a few weeks, in January then start of February. Manchester, Newcastle, Reading, Brighton, Southend — not in that order.

Who is the most influential person in your life?
Brad: My parents have always supported me. Nah, not them.
Ben: Probably Laura Marling.
Scott: I really like Childish Gambino.
Brad: Alex Turner.
Matt: Dale Holt.

What’s in your pockets at this very moment?
Scott: Phone, phone charger, a pen that glows up for some reason.
Matt: Coins, lighter, rail card, bank cards, my driving license and some tissues.
Brad: I have my room key from a Holiday Inn that I stayed in in Liverpool like three months ago. And one from Barcelona!

What artists have you been super into lately?
Brad: I like VANT — their new song!
Scott: Childish Gambino’s new album.
Ben: I really like Blood Orange.
Matt: Sundara Karma are cool — they got a new album out.

What’s your dream tour?
Ben: I want to support Florence [and the Machine].
Brad I think we should go with the boss, we should go with Bruce Springsteen.
Scott: That would be a pretty good show.
Brad: That’d be huge! Like a NASCAR stadium with 200,000 people! Even if it was a quarter full, it would still be 50,000 people.
Matt: Kanye West.
Scott: But he’s such an asshole though, isn’t he?

If you had an unlimited budget, what would your live show look like?
Ben: Fire, fireworks.
Scott: If you’ve ever seen the OK GO videos, I think I’d like that but for an hour and a half.
Matt: More like the floor by the crowd moved up and down like a wave.
Brad: I’d want our stage to rotate.

If you had to live off one food, what would it be?
Scott: Garlic bread.

That was so quick!
Matt: In Sainsbury’s, you can get those chicken goujon things. You get like 25 for like £3. I already live off them, but if it was only one thing, I’d live off those even more so.
Ben: Bring back the chili chicken and chorizo wrap at Tesco’s. It was my favorite meal deal and they took it away.
Brad: Umm, I quite like burgers.