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The xx (2016) Publicity

The xx – Say Something Loving

The xx have been a household name in alternative music since their debut in 2009. With their junior album I See You set to be released on January 13, the English trio has begun to preview their latest full-length work with a new single, “Say Something Loving.” Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim, and Jamie Smith, also known as Jamie xx, seem to have blossomed from whispery, Joy Division-esque goths to confident musicians who have comfortably grown out of their comfort zone.

“Say Something Loving,” though it is certainly a deviation from The xx’s traditional sound, still has a tinge of the classic soft spoken, minimalistic style of their former albums, Coexist and xx. All the while, the track features the swirling psychedelia that characterizes bands such as Washed Out and the spiritedness of bands similar to Alt-J.

As the song reverberates forward, Oliver Sim and Romy Madley Croft’s gravelly voices lay out the emotions surrounding what it’s like to rediscover the novelty and all of the butterflies that come with new love. The xx are not newcomers when it comes to writing love songs, hence the success of previous releases “Islands” and “Infinity.” However, “Say Something Loving” has breathed new life into the band’s persona. If the rest of I See You continues in this direction, fans have a lot to be excited for.