martin luke brown

Martin Luke Brown – 65 Roses

English singer-songwriter Martin Luke Brown returns with beautiful new single “65 Roses.” The name comes from a 4 year old’s interpretation of the disease, Cystic Fibrosis. To this day, the term is commonly used among children to describe their disease.

“65 Roses” was written as a heartfelt tribute to an ex-girlfriend of Martin’s who had passed away due to Cystic Fibrosis. “My favorite songs have always been the most raw and honest ones. I know at times that I’ve been scared of being too much of either for fear of becoming vulnerable or lame or something. I dunno. Anyway, this is a sad song, but sad songs aren’t so sad when others find comfort in them. This is 65 Roses. For Emma,” Martin said about the track.

True enough, as much as the song is sad, it is deeply comforting. It serves as a great audio accompaniment for when you need a little relax time looking at the stars or clearing your head. It is one of those calming songs that aim to provide solace for you in times of pain. The ballad is extremely stripped down, with nothing but mellow piano melodies accompanied by raw, vulnerable vocals singing heartfelt and sentimental lyrics. The tune serves a slight twist off Martin’s usual style of gritty, R&B-infused sound. You can tell Martin his bared his soul and all his emotions on this track, turning his most personal thoughts into harrowing music. You can hear the longing in his voice and the therapeutic effect writing the song in helping him get over his heartbreak.

“65 Roses” definitely marks more to come from Martin as he gears up for the release of an upcoming duet with Mullally next month. Check out the music video for “65 Roses” below.