get inuit
photo: Courtney Farrell / EUPH.

Get Inuit – Barbiturates

“Barbiturates” is the latest track from Kent-based band Get Inuit as they plow their way into 2017. This track has a more somber tone than other songs by the band, such as the whirling “My Oh My.” Keeping their classic indie pop sound, Get Inuit have added some seriously heavy riffs that give this track depth, and a grungy sounding layer to change the tone. “Barbiturates” flows into so many different phrases, in the intro Glass’ unique vocals are yearning and take main stage, until he screams into a spiral of thick guitar and bass with pounding drums.

The plucky riffs transport the song into peaks and troughs of noise, moving from quiet to screaming to acapella, while the percussion tears through the track. “Barbiturates” captures the idea of drug abuse and reliance on anything at all for that matter, with the chorus of “my body is a dust collector, my brain has no health inspector,” a line that encompasses indifference, a classic example of how this band can take nihilism and negativity and make it sound uplifted. Get Inuit’s lyrics are always so cleverly constructed.

The title “Barbiturates” combined with the actual track have encapsulated this feeling of hopelessness and indifference in a rare way. It is always interesting to follow them and see how their songs fluctuate with emotions and tempos, keep your eye out for more material in 2017 and be sure to catch them on January 25th for their gig at The Lexington in London as their shows always pack a punch.