Communions – Come On, I’m Waiting

Communions come from Copenhagen, although you’d be forgiven to think otherwise. “Come On, I’m Waiting” kicks off with a hard chugging bass line along side impressive guitar riffs that flesh the song out. The video is split between the band playing in a yellow tinted room. The other half of the video a  lonely man climbs over rocks. He is of course waiting for something. As the video closes you do never find out exactly for what.

As the song builds up to it’s chorus, it becomes more exciting. “Come on, come on I’m waiting!” the chorus exclaims. Truly offering  a really catchy and sing-along chorus. Paired with great guitar licks and hard beating drums that give it a lot of grit.

The song offers a lot of warmth, helped by the videos nostalgic feel.  The song is most enjoyed with a group of friends and a couple of beers. As you dance and sing along. Communions debut album Blue is out February 2017.