The Night Café – You Change With The Seasons

Four-piece band The Night Café continue to add to their burgeoning repertoire with latest single “You Change With The Seasons” which offers a refreshing batch of guitar riffs right from the get go. The intro does not waste time on any build up into the song. The guitar, drum and bass are all locked in.

When the verse kicks in, the instruments take a back seat as the drum and bass beat hard. As vocalist Sean croons on the track he confesses “I’m just trouble. Immediately we are engaged and as quickly as the guitar left us, it has come back in. With the band lock back in as the chorus builds up.

I won’t change with the seasons” is the line the chorus opens with, a defiant expression of a long lasting love. The song shines in the chorus. We are urged to sing along during the chorus with the vocalist. As the instruments work together to create the momentum in the chorus carrying it forward.

Then the middle 8 is worked into the song. It cuts out the momentum that has been built up. The guitar slowly lurches back in and you can’t help but feel you want the guitar to just go for it. But the solo refrains and keeps the poppy and upbeat tone. While the song finishes on the chorus, it gives a last chance at pouring out your emotions with it, and as the song fades out. You can’t help but feel you’d love to see this live, especially with the band coming off the back of storming live supports with Sundara Karma and The Hunna.