Lizzy Land – Sweet Melodies

LA-based songstress Lizzy Land turns the sky-high stiletto culture of Hollywood Boulevard into her playground on debut single “Sweet Melodies.”  Sugar-coated in kittenish vocal swoons and bubblegum synth-lines reminiscent of fellow indie-pop newcomer Frankie’s Dreamstate, the Soundcloud starlets’ Suede James-produced single hits like endogenous morphine: a technicolored aneurysm of pure 80s nostalgia.

The pallet is prismatic, and the songwriting is personal. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Portland native’s honey-eared new single can be heard circulating Spotify’s weekly buzz playlist and the top 10 of Hype Machine.

Aside from Lizzy Land’s killer candy floss aesthetic, “Sweet Melodies” autobiographical vignettes are a testament of female empowerment. Land scorns, “I could float on, I’d be fine on my own, No ties to pull me back and forth” as her Sacha Fierce-esque moniker jettisons the trials and tribulations of love and temptation.  The singer-songwriter iterates this sentiment, in regards to her creative process, stating “I hoped to reflect a feeling of resistance in the core structure of the song, relying less on clever verbiage and instead experimenting with sound, texture, and nuance. There’s a clear message woven into a wavering melody. The intro meant to be a slow tip-toe, each verse a revelation, and the bridge/outro an unapologetic rambling release.”