ISLE – Faults

Comprised of Liam John Rutherford and Ben Singer, Scottish alt-pop duo ISLE take pride in the fact that they produce all of their own music, artwork, and videos independently. Recently the band released their latest track, “Faults,” a continuation of the alternative-pop with electronic elements found in their first EP, Grey.

“Faults” features glittering synths that dance to the anchoring rhythm of thumping drums, coming together to create a satisfyingly fun yet emotive and broad, reaching soundscape. Though the song is a definitively upbeat instrumentally speaking, the message it sends lyrically should not be ignored. Rutherford and Singer seem to convey the age old message that we shouldn’t strive to be perfect,but rather accept our shortcomings and mistakes to learn from them for future. Perfection is impossible, so it’s better to stay “foolish, hungry, and clueless.