What’s your writing process like? Where do you get the most inspiration?
I don’t really have a set process. I’m writing all the time really, so it can change. But I think as a writer you’re inspired by life. Most of my writing comes from a very personal place. I think that ends up being relatable to a lot of people too, as we’ve all kind of experienced those same subjects in life like falling in love, falling out of it, exciting times, all those things. That’s what’s special about being a songwriter and magic about music for everybody.
How’d you get started in music?
Writing songs and playing gigs I think that’s always gonna be the main base no matter whereabouts you are in your music career. When I started out I never turned anything down, I played most nights.
Do you come from a strong musical community?
Yeah I mean Nottingham’s music community is great and really vibrant. So many great venues and bars, DJs like Dean Jackson and promoters and even festivals like Hockley Hustle and Dot to Dot. All those things are great platforms for new musicians and that gives that sense of a strong community.
Who are some of your major influences?
I have a quite a few. But I’m definitely inspired by those old school strong women who made great records. Like Stevie Nicks, Carole King and Janis Joplin. But yeah I’m inspired by so many bands that make great music.
What artists have you been super into lately?
Love that Christine and the Queens album also got the new Band of Horses and Growlers album on repeat too.
What’s one thing you’d want to change about the industry?
Probably just to make it more about the music. So many great bands out there that in 5 years time or whatever they could be making the greatest albums, sometimes feel like that’s missed today. Things go by so quick.
If you had the ultimate celebrity power, what would be on your rider? 
Aah a karaoke machine and a pinball machine, that would be cool. There’d have to be a few beers and bottles of whisky and that too though, if I had a karaoke machine. Love those flying saucers sweets too, they are a way to my heart for sure.
If you had to live off one food, what would it be? 
PASTA anything Italian.
So, what’s next? 
Lots more touring and writing and making the record next year.
Check out Georgie’s latest music video for “Company of Thieves” below.