the trouble with templeton

The Trouble With Templeton – Vernon

Australian folk turned alt-rock five piece The Trouble With Templeton present their sophomore album Someday, Buddy (due out December 2nd) with their second offering “Vernon.” The simplistic guitar and bass working in tandem make for a nice, smooth, melodic foundation where lead singer Thomas Calder can dig his feet in with his eclectic voice.  Teetering on the edge of being too subtle and too forceful Calder’s voice pushes and pulls in all the right directions.

The drums keep everything fitted in between the seams of this tune that you just want to stuff in your pocket and listen to when you’re blue.  The musical break introduces what verges on an almost too heavy sounding guitar for this kind of song but it transitions quite nicely because there is that bursting chorus.  Thomas Calder has come a long way since his solo EP Bleeders and from The Trouble With Templeton’s debut album Rookie which most certainly had more a folk sound to it.

I look forward to hearing the rest of Someday, Buddy which will be out this Friday!