TĀLĀ – Talk 2 Me

London-based multi-talent songwriter TĀLĀ has released her new track “Talk 2 Me,” a high-octane fusion of everything but the kitchen sink. “Talk 2 Me” goes off right away with an isolation of TĀLĀ’s piercing vocals before digging in to the house beat that serves as a foundation for the rest of the song.

It has a constantly evolving medley of instruments and sounds, each providing their own high dose of energy to help carry it through to the end. Among the samples, telephone sound effects, and tropical tunes, it grows to the point at which a small guitar bit towards the end becomes the most surprising element we hear. The mix-and-match nature of the song’s musical palette is exciting, and allows it to change with each new listen.

This is all amidst TĀLĀ’s equally dynamic vocals. She routinely switches between an impossibly sounding high range to a lower, almost sultry version. The range that we hear in “Talk 2 Me” is but one element of the musical skills that TĀLĀ has proven herself to have.

TĀLĀ is known for her multicultural inspirations, collaborating with other musicians from all over the world and including a multitude of styles in her songs. We hear a bit of this in “Talk 2 Me,” but ultimately, it came from a much different place. The song was written while TĀLĀ was staying in a cabin in the woods by herself, with only the goal of songwriting in mind.

If the finished product is of any indication, she found a way to explore both the writing and production processes. “Talk 2 Me” is a little bit off-beat and steers away from the rules and conventions of electronica, but, if it weren’t for this, it wouldn’t be an exploration or an evolution.

“Talk 2 Me” is the next step in TĀLĀ’s musical journey. The accompanying EP, Zal, will be released on December 9th.