White Room – Stole The I.V

Encroaching on psychedelic rock are the five-piece Brighton natives White Room. Coming off their 2015 debut album, Fizzy Liquid, new swaggering cut “Stole the I.V” is due for release on November 18th. It retains their hazy, hallucinogenic pairing of lead singer Jack Smallwood and bassist Josie McNamara coupling their vocals to offset and tangle the tune.  The instruments all have this kind of residual effect like a slug leaving a trail of slime; the notes of the chorus are still trickling out of our ears while the next verse has already begun.

The tune is a statement within itself lead by an attitude injected chorus that leaves room to decipher the meaning behind the lyrics, “So sit back relax my dear, I won’t shed a single tear for you.”  The words hold a cadence that levels in a new order, one that suggests playing by your own rules instead of being held back by someone else.