San Cisco – SloMo

Seasoned indie-poppers San Cisco dropped new single “SloMo,” the first official single from their upcoming third album.

Scoring hits in 2011 and 2013 with “Awkward” and “Fred Astaire,” the Aussie band built a reputation for upbeat care-free, Vampire Weekend vibes. “SloMo” may not retain that same level of whimsy, but it is definitely just as fun – it begs you to get on your dancing shoes, urging you to boogie down to the dance floor. Fun, funky, and extremely danceable, this indie dance-pop bounces with hints of the Bee Gees, bumpin’ Michael Jackson bass, and funktastic keys inherited from Devo. They wear their influences proudly; every reference is deliberate and calls attention to itself. Just the same, it comes off as sincere inspiration and not as a method of riding their heroes’ coattails. All allusions included, the sound they have created (and continue to create consistently) is unique to them.

You know those commercials where a bunch of people are at a rooftop bar, laughing and raising their drinks in the air, having a grand old time together? This is the perfect song for one of those occasions—so if you want to feel like you’re one of those picture-perfect people with picture-perfect friends, hanging out on some rooftop, then go ahead and add this jam to your party playlist.