RALPH – Busy Man

Toronto-based singer RALPH is back again with her new track “Busy Man,” an old-school pop ballad that also offers a sneak peek at her upcoming debut EP.

Raffa Weyman, the mastermind behind Ralph, has been busy dropping various tunes all year, each with their own eccentric inspirations and all under the tag of “disco,” a rarity in the modern scene but intriguing nonetheless.

The inspiration for Ralph’s music has been drawn from everywhere from Netflix’s Master of None to the sound and culture of the 70’s. In the case of “Busy Man,” the song is about waiting by the phone for someone who never calls back, and ultimately taking back power.

“Can I be the one to change your mind,” Weyman croons, in a premise that seems very specific but is actually a very relatable experience. The song “is about vulnerability and personal strength,” something that everyone has felt. While it is predicated on a sense of desperation, what’s important is the feeling of empowerment, and the ability to take a situation into one’s own hands. The complications between all of these feelings collectively create the emotional draw of “Busy Man.”

While the generic term “disco” may not be entirely accurate, there are traces of the dance style in the soulful vocals and synth undertones. This lies on a foundation that is a little more downtempo, with a dreamy atmosphere and a slower rhythm.

This shows a change of pace from earlier Ralph content, but the diversity is never a bad thing. “Busy Man” still has all the retro-tinged qualities that shine in the rest of her discography. There is a distinct pop sound that borrows from 70’s and 80’s techniques, but that come together to form something fresh. It’s a proven style that is unique, striking, and lets her talents take center stage.

Ralph is expected to release her first EP in January of next year.