Orchards – Honey

Brighton quartet Orchards have unveiled new single “Honey,” a glistening yet thunderous marrying of mathrock and left-field pop.

Chocked full of guitars and drums that are simultaneously hectic and precise, “Honey” has echoes of Foals in its intelligent, experimental soundscape. Vocalist Lucy Evers is staunchly commanding atop the dynamic rhythm section cascading beneath, singing of proverbial (or, as Evers interprets, literal) honey in appropriately sweet tones: “The lyrics are two-fold, you could say they’re about unrequited love and the chemistry that that situation ignites between two people. On the other hand you can think about the lyrics in the context of the bee crisis and how those lovely things are currently in danger. Yes our vocalist is a bit obsessed with bees…”

Either way, the skittish new track is a somewhat grittier new side to Orchards than their more tropical but equally engaging first offering “Peggy” released back in March. You can catch Lucy Evers (vocals), Sam Rushton (guitar), Dan Fane (bass/vocals) and Will Lee-Lewis (drums) at their hometown show at Brighton’s Green Door Store on December 2nd.