Liyv – Laser Eyes

Self-proclaimed maker of ‘songs for sad people who like bright colors’ Liyv is back with another pastel-pop masterpiece.

“Laser Eyes”, part ten of Liyv’s ‘One Song A Month’ project, and its accompanying video, see her once again pair the beautiful vintage feel of her statement pastel aesthetic with an astonishingly fresh sound. I’ve seen myself become completely infatuated with synth-pop in the past few months, and it’s something Seattle native Liyv does wonderfully: complex but never chaotic, almost mathematical in its delivery.

What Liyv has managed to create in “Laser Eyes” is a track which, while ear-wormy and addictive is never annoying. Perhaps because of its almost minimalist approach to layering and repetition, or perhaps simply because of how good it is, “Laser Eyes” could be on loop for days at a time and you’d never get bored. In fact, you almost want it to be on repeat for days at a time. Between the sweetness of Liyv’s vocals, the empowering lyrics and the dance-ability of it all, there’s very little (if anything) not to love about such an expertly and intelligently put together yet simultaneously fun song.