Island – A Place You Like

ISLAND, an alternative indie rock group, released their second track from their new EP, “A Place You Like.” The London quartet, while still in the infancy of their career, has pushed all boundaries and broken trajectory expectations, culminating in the release of their new track and a recent headline performance at London’s Scala.

The lyrics of “A Place You Like” tell an arresting narrative against a background of the track’s smooth and sultry sound. The listener is invited, along with vocalist Rollo Doherty, through a whirlwind journey: “I could go my own way, but I’ll follow your eyes. You wanted my time, so take me to a place you like.” The upbeat combination of percussion, vocals, and electric and acoustic guitar creates a unique sound space you’ll want to visit again and again. Each time you listen, you float to a different place. The track kicks off with percussion and guitar, and continues to lazily fluctuate up and down in a wave-like fashion before launching into the meat of the song.

The track’s smooth, consistent sound is one you’ll want to wrap yourself in and hold onto. It’s small wonder radio presenter Huw Stephens proclaimed Island “the band everyone is raving about.” Island vocalist Rollo Doherty is joined by James Wolfe (bass guitar), Jack Raeder (guitar), and Toby Richards (drums).