Fairchild – Start Again

Australian six piece Fairchild is back with an impressive follow up to their last single “Relevance.”  Their latest release “Start Again” is a fusion of indie electro pop and rock to create this aesthetically pleasing balanced tug of war amalgamating electronic drums, synths and electric guitar.  It sounds like it wouldn’t mix well at all but Fairchild has taken this initial division and produced something striking in “Start Again.”

I’ll be honest; at first it was difficult to establish my own interpretation of the tune as I couldn’t seem to understand the words.  Lyrics are almost always the first thing I break down when analyzing a song so it was a bit of a dilemma.  Eventually I got my greedy hands on the lyrics and was astonished to find that the track was so sexually charged.  Perhaps my mind is perpetually in the gutter but knowing the lyrics has transformed my initial opinion of the unique, catchy to song to that of a wild, raw, sexy, progressive physical affair.

Adam Lyons sings, “We should go all night, all night, all night and day. You going home?” This declaration sounds almost desperate as it is clearly a message to his lover to remain with him and continue their night of passion.  I highly advise anyone who likes the sound of this tune to find the lyrics somewhere and have your entire perspective changed, it’s great fun.