Ella Vos – Little Brother

Indie darling on the rise Ella Vos is back with her second single, the luminous and heartfelt “Little Brother.”

The LA singer-songwriter already grabbed attention with her debut single “White Noise” back in September, establishing her penchant for vulnerable lyricism and pop sensibilities. “Little Brother” is refreshing in that it touches on subject matter that is rarely heard in the vast ocean of pop love songs –  in this case, family, and all of the feelings that go along with it.

Can we talk more to one another / missing the days when we were younger,” Ella begins, her voice tinted with a hint of melancholy. “Little Brother” is about being there for one another despite growing apart or growing up. We are let in on a part of her life that many can relate to, be it familial or platonic kinship. At the end of the day, family is family and the ties can’t be completely broken. “When the world doesn’t listen you can call my name,” she offers in a sweet sentiment. This is where the song turns from reminiscent and somewhat somber to, ultimately, hopeful.

“Little Brother” keeps it light on the production, making for a sound that is simple and nostalgic. There’s no need for any embellishment to convey such a mood, and it allows room for words to be the main tool that paints the picture. Ella’s standout voice is supplemented by a beat that is strong but not overwhelming. Less can certainly be more in the pop realm and Ella Vos shows that there is a perfect balance that can be struck.