ATTU – Staying Together

Tropical synth pop quartet ATTU, which began from the home studio of North Londoner Stefan Antoinette, have unveiled swarve new single, “Staying Together,” which is due for release on December 9th.

The indie track explores relationships, both in the past, and in the future. As Antoinette explains, it’s about “feeling you’re trying to make things work but you keep getting in your own way. Whether that’s friends or lovers. Sometimes it’s not the people around you having a difference of opinion, it’s you being in your own head too much.”

The track is a bittersweet exploration of the journey relationships take us through, and what we can learn about ourselves in the process. The song swells, slows, and then builds again as the singer goes through that journey. “Why won’t you listen when I’m telling you what’s on my mind…I’m starting to regret the time I spent on you.”