roo panes

Roo Panes – Lullaby Love

UK-based Roo Panes’ sophomore album Paperweights was streamed over 40 million times and attracted our attention with its lush arrangements and emotionally rich subject matter. He first came into the limelight through his campaign for Burberry, where he modeled and performed for Burberry Acoustic. Now, the 28-year-old singer-songwriter has returned with an all-new single, “Lullaby Love.”

This is the first I’ve heard of Roo and I instantly fell in love. With his deep, charming voice, his vocals completely complement the folk-pop instrumentals and perfectly convey the pain in the story that comes with the lyrics. Folk is a genre that is perfectly used to convey emotions and tell stories and Roo nails it right on the bat with “Lullaby Love.” The song starts off with a kick-ass string bass introduction. By the time the harmonies kick in during the chorus, the song would’ve helped you reach a stage of tranquil.

A perfect accompaniment to the tune, the video is so simple yet so endearing. It simply features Roo getting into a rowboat and rowing out into the ocean while painstakingly singing the song. His expressions as he rows tell a story by themselves of a dedicated lover in a troubled relationship.

The reason he is able to create such wistful and unique melodies is due to the fact that he plays a 12-string guitar. Together with a band of string-players and coupled with his introspective compositions, Roo definitely makes himself one to watch out for. I will definitely be waiting on more from him.

Check out the music video for Roo Panes’ “Lullaby Love” below!