matt woods

Matt Woods – Nothing Less

Hailing from Taunton, UK is soul singer Matt Woods bringing us his latest single “Nothing Less.”  It’s a calming track that retains a hard hitting nature amalgamating together to create this groovy, euphoric mixture that hits you and then immediately mellows out.  Matt’s raspy voice merges well alongside the almost dissonant synth introduction and really smooths out with the addition of the drum beat.

Rounding on the chorus we have these catchy keyboard synth sounds to complement the duality of the two octaves that resonate so well together.  Matt confesses that it “used to be that I would make decisions with my head since I found my sweet love, girl I want nothing less.  Used to be that I could numb the feelings in my chest since I found my sweet love, girl I want nothing less.”

This song is about coming to terms with the inexplicable feelings that love brings, the good and the bad.  Matt divulges to us that since he’s found his lover he can’t think straight and, personally, that’s the side of love that I find most interesting, the coming undone.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that Matt’s voice is gorgeous; there’s this raw edge to it and without warning he’ll jump into his falsetto and it sounds like liquid gold, this viscous quality content that oozes into your ears and infects you.