Fairchild – Relevance

If you’re in search of a powerful but subtle tune that juxtaposes creepy and thoughtful whilst remaining an overall great new song look no further than “Relevance.”  The new tune from Australian six piece Fairchild doesn’t officially drop until November 12th but you most certainly need to hear it before then.  Produced and mixed by Catherine Marks (Foals, The Killers, Wolf Alice) and mastered by John Davis the band were in very capable hands.

As soon as play is pressed lead singer Adam Lyons starts singing and immediately we are thrust into this eerie first verse that carries an 80’s influence as well as undertones of resentment.  The double time of the hi-hat starts driving the tune in a new direction until “your relevance fades away.”  That lyric is compelling, haunting and can be attributed to so many areas of life; be it love, money, friends etc.  Anything that elicits negative vibes has no relevance, that’s a pretty good motto.

The musicality is quite simple in terms of instrumentation with the exception of the breakdown where drummer James Alexander kicks it into high gear with some impressive cymbal work.  There aren’t any distinguishable chord changes but Lyons’ voice acts as the fulcrum that keeps the track successfully revolving around the center point.

Keep an eye out for more top notch tunes from Fairchild and be sure to purchase and download “Relevance” when it’s released in November.  If you’re in the Manchester area they’ll be playing a show at the Soup Kitchen on November 19th, check it out!