elle watson

Elle Watson – Walls

One off her upcoming debut EP Phantom due to be released this December, Elle Watson has just dropped her newest single “Walls.” She set the bar high with her three previous singles: “Body,” “Phantom” and “Losing Sleep” but “Walls” has definitely lived up to our expectations.

Hailing from Kent, England, her hometown and upbringing is paid tribute in the new tune. “Walls” is a song about confinement. When the roof caves in every other day, and you are continually choked by your own words. I suppose it gives an insight into my mind over the last year as I’ve spent most of my time hiding away, writing…” Elle spills in an interview.

We don’t get to hear as many female R&B singers as we’d like to in the music industry, unfortunately. With “Walls,” Elle Watson just further proves to us why that needs to be changed. “Walls” is an energetic song with zooming synths that perfectly encapsulates her feelings of feeling constricted and restrained in her small hometown, showing us a take on R&B we don’t get to hear often enough. Her vocals are also extremely powerful as she sings with conviction and shows off her incredible vocal control. By working in a R&B-inspired beat in with the keyboard melodies and echoic vocals, the end result is a stunning composition filled with chilled vibes.