Colouring – Everything Has Grown

Everyone has someone who’s broken them down into tiny little pieces, shredded their trust and set their body on fire in agony.  Some have the luxury of friends and family to help them accumulate those fragments and help them rebuild.  Others have only time as they sit on the floor clumsily sticking the bits together with glue, tape, staples; whatever they can get their hands on.  Colouring’s new track “Everything Has Grown” is about what comes after the rehabilitation process, after you’ve crumbled a few times.  If closure could be put into words or feelings this song would be it. With hints of early Coldplay vibes Chris Martin and Colouring lead singer Jack Kenworthy share a soothing voice with the latter’s retaining a deeper tone and more resonant quality.

This track itself and the musicality are stunning with a gentle backsplash of tittering birds to set the tone of this piece.  Although the focus is evidently on a breakup there is only peace and tranquility present throughout this tune.

“Now all these years have passed us by and every tear has left your eyes. But how we tried. It was never easy but now this tapestry is sewn. Are you at peace with every turn? Do you feel home?”

Kenworthy’s beautiful words hold no malice.  They simply wish a past lover happiness and I can only imagine the journey he must have taken to reach the position where he felt he could write those words and mean them.  The catharsis is palpable; it’s therapeutic and it really strikes a chord for those who have battled through a tough breakup.

The mildly chaotic piano and the surge of the string section towards the conclusion tie together this healing process that you become a part of without choice.  If at all possible go and experience this song as well as the other music from this talented band in person.