Fenech-Soler – Kaleidoscope

After a three year hiatus, the indie-pop band Fenech-Soler have returned stronger and better than ever with a brand new hit called “Kaleidoscope.” Now a duo comprising of brothers Ben and Ross Duffy following Andrew Lindsay and Daniel Fenech-Soler’s departure from the project, they have just released the video for the track that takes on a whimsical approach.

The video opens with a wide-eyed girl waking from her sleep paralysis induced slumber (or maybe it was all a dream) and finds her way through a pathway to a colorful dreamland. The whole video screams Alice in Wonderland. Down the mysterious rabbit hole of sheets, our leading lady finds that the first destination is the king of all forts. We get a first glimpse of the duo as they sing and play a medley of instruments. The chorus helps listeners understand that this is a song dedicated to the pure joy of love. My favorite lyric has to be “I know, I can hear you, a ghost in my mind.” The way Ben Duffy sings it just sounds like it rolls right off the tongue. The video’s playful theme brings me back to childhood memories where building forts was a norm and rainbow colors were a trend.

The track is a no-brainer electropop jam – it’s easy to love. In fact, Fenech-Soler’s entire EP that this titular track is lifted from is easy to love. They’ve got a psychedelic disco pop feel going on that makes it hard not to dance along to. These are the types of songs that bring my soul to life – the songs I gravitate to when I need a good pick me up.

The duo will celebrate the release of the new four-track EP with an appearance at Manchester’s Neighbourhood festival next month before a headline show at London’s Oslo on October 27th.