PHANGS – Cul De Sac

Straight off the press from Nashville, Tennessee comes the delightful debut single from Phangs, “Cul De Sac.” The new solo project is the creation of songster Jake Germany. His first showcase is a huge statement, holding nothing back and delivering a pop song that immediately demonstrates what potential he has to make it big.

Germany, who was in several bands before Phangs came to be, is applying everything he’s learned from his other work to create something uniquely his own. The buildup is looking to pay off – Phangs is already building momentum with the track and things are just getting started. Between the 90s-inspired sonic vibe and the playful lyrics of meeting eyes with someone from across the neighborhood cul-de-sac, the song brings with it a sense of youthful nostalgia, recollecting memories from school days, all under the wings of beautifully packaged pop song.

“Cul De Sac” just about perfectly articulates something that s relatable in some sense to almost everyone: the feeling of being a kid, of carefree summer nights, and a sense of purity. That essence is what the words and sounds come together to form.

Germany’s falsetto perfectly rests within the bundle of sounds surrounding it, but never being drowned out by the vocal sampling and various instrumental bits and pieces.  While at times the whimsical accents verge on becoming overwhelming to the listener, it’s carefully composed enough to avoid any major misstep. It skirts the line of overproduction but ultimately comes out with a win. This is majorly in part due to the overall great writing in “Cul De Sac.”

There is a genuine passion in what Germany has created in Phangs, and just that simple notion can help carry music to another level. The final product is a reflection of what was put into it, and so far Germany is giving his all.