LILAW – Ninety-Five

22 year old Lindsay Lawrence, better known by the anagram LILAW, has made her debut with her very first single, “Ninety-Five.” The DC native released the track via Neon Gold Records and is preparing to release her first EP. LILAW has already made performances in New York’s Webster Hall and The Studio.

LILAW is well on the way to becoming another cool girl personality in the alternative music world. One particular aspect of “Ninety-Five” which really stood out was Lindsay’s vocals; an awesome blend of The xx’s female vocalist Romy Madley Croft and Florence Welch. The track opens up with grainy, dreamlike acoustic piano accompanied by swelling, slowly strummed guitar.

“Ninety-Five” can be considered something like the opposite of a love song. LILAW sings, “If I ask politely, can I walk all over your heart?” The chorus also includes the line, “Don’t need no star-crossed lover.” Rather than going on a search for long-term love, LILAW makes a request for someone who will shed their skin and free their mind with her.