Flying Ibex – Could Have Gone Your Way

London-ites Barnaby Keen, Nathaniel Keen, Dave De Rose, and Colin Somerville, professionally known as Flying Ibex, have recently experienced a change in pace. Formerly the house band of a South London commune, Flying Ibex has progressed from improvising over silent films and theatre pieces to releasing “Could Have Gone Your Way”, their second single lifted off a forthcoming EPThe band intends for their music to stick in their listeners’ mind and to present “an irresistible feast of wayward groove.”

“Could Have Gone Your Way” is an enjoyably peculiar number with a lot of personality. The tropical grooves combined with the rock undertones were an automatic reminder of The Police. At the same time, the retro-sounding, playful electronic aspects add a cool, experimental quality to the track. Denoting the uncertainty that surrounds the end of a relationship, vocalist Nathaniel Keen sings, “I know I lost my only weapon, but I’ve lost my peace of mind.”