Fletcher – Wasted Youth

Cari Fletcher has been wowing the world with her synth pop offerings for a hot minute. Her latest release “Wasted Youth” precedes her forthcoming debut EP Finding Fletcher. The new track slows things down a little, but the reverb adds an atmospheric element creating a haunting beauty lifting it above most of the left of centre pop around.

Following viral smash “War Paint,” singles “Live Young Die Free” and “Avalanche” the collection’s latest outshoot still follows the same framework and by the end of the three and half minute “Wasted Youth” becomes another feel good pop anthem.

Fletcher’s warm vocals wrap around lyrics detailing some of the short falls of being young and in love. The theme of youth and particularly wasted youth definitely sparks an instant connection and relatability, because we’ve all been young and in love at least once. “Wasted Youth” is a nostalgic look back at a point where time was in abundance and perfectly captures moments of a relationship within its core.

Finding her footing as an X Factor contestant within a group, it took going solo for Cari to get the chance to start making a real mark on pop culture and is now always a mainstay on Spotify’s viral pop playlists. The future is Fletcher’s to grasp with both hands and we can’t wait to hear the two brand new tracks which will make up the rest of the EP.